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More than an insurance company, we are your partners in dealing with life’s tough and unexpected situations.

Tolic - Estabilidad económica

Protecting your needs, as well as those of your family, is our priority

Thinking about your wellbeing, your economic stability and your family, our specialists have designed the most flexible policies available in the market.

Our insurance products have extensive benefits to fit your needs and which pay you, the physician or the hospital, as you would prefer. This is money in addition to what your medical insurance covers and you can use it as you please.

Explore the different policy options available to care for the people who are dear to your heart


Seguros de cáncer | Servicios | TOLIC

For the cost of one cup of coffee a day you can maintain your quality of life should you receive a cancer diagnosis.

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Seguros de accidente | Servicios | TOLIC

Transit accidents are 1 of the 10 main causes of death in the world.

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Critical Illness

Seguro de enfermedades críticas | Servicios | TOLIC

A stroke happens every 40 seconds.

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Seguro de vida | Servicios | TOLIC

Why not protect what's most valuable in your life?

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An unforeseen event will undoubtedly impact your lifestyle.

Need help?

We’d love to assist you. For your convenience, all our claims and service forms are available online in case you need to file a claim or a have a request for our customer service department.

The process is simple: just download and fill out the appropriate form. Then, you can submit by email ( or fax (787-620-2713). You can also give it to your insurance agent or personally bring it down to the TOLIC office that is closest to you.