Protect your family against life’s unexpected events.

Sleep peacefully knowing that you and your family are protected.

Employees are your business’ engine. Give them the best coverage.

Giving your employees the opportunity to obtain a benefits plan that protects them, and their families, is a way of saying: “Thank you.”

Guarantee your family’s economic stability and its ability to overcome any obstacle.





We strongly believe that you deserve the peace of mind that comes by relying on a trusted friend to handle the unforeseen situations that life throws your way.

Our goal is to help you deal with situations that are beyond your control. Our insurance policies will provide you with the necessary tools to protect your health, your life, your family and your finances.


Seguros de cáncer | Servicios | TOLIC

For the cost of one cup of coffee a day you can maintain your quality of life should you receive a cancer diagnosis.

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Seguros de accidente | Servicios | TOLIC

Transit accidents are 1 of the 10 main causes of death in the world.

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Critical Illness

Seguro de enfermedades críticas | Servicios | TOLIC

A stroke happens every 40 seconds.

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Seguro de vida | Servicios | TOLIC

Why not protect what's most valuable in your life?

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Average cost of a fractured leg

Average cost of emergency room services

Average cost of a fractured forearm

An unforeseen event will undoubtedly impact your lifestyle.