A Letter to Mothers

Dearest Mothers,

You are our parent, caregiver, and protector. You’ve looked after us our whole life and love us unconditionally. When we got sick, you nursed us back to health. When we needed support, you comforted us. You picked us up when we fell and taught us to be strong. You raised us and taught us right from wrong. You helped us grow into amazing people, just like you. You brought us into the world, and although sometimes you joked about taking us out of it, we are so grateful to you for giving us life.

Babies are born knowing nothing, except their mother. From the moment their ears grow in, inside the womb, and their mother speaks to them, they know her. They know her voice; they know how her heart beats; they know she is their mother. And at birth, amid the chaos of it all, one thing always calms newborns: Their mother. Hearing her voice brings them peace. Being held by her makes them happy. They know they are safe in their mother’s arms.

There are many types of mothers. Some mothers give birth to their child, others meet them at birth or as children, through adoption or marriage. Still, all are just as special. For, a mother is not just the one who birthed or raised them. A mother is the one who loved them and took care of them. A mother is who held their hand when they were scared and gave them the gentle push they needed to reach their dreams. A mother was and is always there, in the good and bad, the happy and sad. They are there every step of the way. They hold our hand and strengthen us in our journey through life.

Mothers’ hearts are full of selfless, unconditional love. And a mother’s love is the purest form of joy their children experience. Mothers never stop caring and always have our best interest at heart. They want us to succeed, to reach our goals and dreams. They support us and guide us back onto the path when we stray from it. They let us make mistakes and teach us to learn from our failures. Their love is unmatched, and receiving it makes us better people.

Mothers are irreplaceable. The warmth of their love holds a special place in our hearts. They comfort us, even when they are away. And while others come and go, our mother and her love always remain. Mother is not just a word; she is our world. She brought us into the world and became our world herself. Some say, mothers’ lives revolve around their children, but it’s actually our lives who revolves around her. And no one in the world can replace her.

So, on this Mothers’ Day, there’s only one thing left to say…

Thank you, Mother! Thank you for holding us and loving us! Thank you for giving us life and teaching us to navigate it! Thank you for helping us problem-solve and find peace! Thank you for listening to us, supporting us, and comforting us! Thank you for inspiring us to be better and to achieve our dreams! Thank you for your selflessness and for never expecting nothing in return, even though you deserve the world! Thank you for making us smile through our tears and giving us the confidence to continue on! Thank you for being the first place our hearts could call home! Thank you for being there when no one else was! Thank you for being our light in the dark! Thank you for giving us wings to fly and catching us when we fell!

Thank you for everything! Thank you for being Our Mother!

With all our Love,

Your Children.


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