Private Temporary Non-Occupational Disability Insurance Plan

A product for employers, producers and authorized representatives.

What is SINOT ?

Temporary Non- Occupational Disability Insurance (SINOT)

It is a program under Law No. 139 of June 26, 1968, required of employers (for-profit entities). SINOT provides financial benefits to insured workers who have lost their income as a result of a disability due to an illness or injury that is not related to employment or a car accident.

In addition, SINOT provides other benefits, such as dismemberment and death.

What should I do to request a SINOT quote with TOLIC?”

Use the Application to quote SINOT with TOLIC and send it to the email for a quick evaluation and a proposal of SINOT private plan alternatives with TOLIC. Last day to quote will be Tuesday, April 16, 2024.

For more information, please contact the Sales and Marketing Department at 787-620-2681 or email

IMPORTANT: TOLIC will be receiving completed documents (SINOT forms to file with the Department of Labor) until Monday, April 22, 2024..

What are the requirements that insured employees must have to claim benefits?

What benefits do these coverages provide by Law (statutory benefits)?

Are there additional or improved coverages?

Yes, TOLIC’s private SINOT plan has enhanced coverages to those provided by Law (statutory benefits), and additional coverages such as: funeral service and accidental death.

How do you start the benefits claim process?

Simple. The process begins by completing the claim forms that TOLIC will provide to the employee in a timely manner through you as employer or through the assistance of your Producer or Authorized Insurance Representative. Once completed, they are shared with our offices by mail or in-person filing, taking into consideration the following according to the type of claim:

  • Disability – the employee has three (3) months from the beginning of the disability to file their claim.
  • Death – this benefit must be claimed within six (6) months from the date of death of the insured employee.
  • Dismemberment – the employee has six (6) months from the date of dismemberment to file their claim.

It is important to file your claim within one (1) year from the date of disability, dismemberment, or death to be considered entitled to SINOT benefits.

At TOLIC, we have the ease of payment of claims by check or direct deposit to the insured employee’s bank account.


This information is only a summary of benefits. For more details on limitations, exclusions and eligibility, refer to the Policy.

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