12 recommendations to celebrate safely this Christmas

The Christmas season is characterized by the celebrations, family gatherings, gifts, music, food and joy that Christmas brings. Many people set aside this time to travel and visit relatives who live far way.

As we fill ourselves with the holiday spirit, it is also important to think about how we can celebrate in a safe way to stay healthy. We have lived through two very difficult years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and Christmas and New Year’s celebrations are not out of this reality. It is our responsibility to commit to the well-being of our family and loved ones.

Christmas in times of COVID-19

Family gatherings have been shown to pose a great risk of COVID-19 infection due to closeness and physical contact. To minimize these risks, we offer you several recommendations, so that you can enjoy a safe and happy Holidays:

  1. Inform your family about the safety measures that will be taken during the activities. Thus, everyone will be informed and able to cooperate to maintain a safe environment.
  2. If there is a family member who presents symptoms of COVID-19, it is recommended that they do not attend the activity. In this case, you could reach these relatives through a videocall to congratulate them.
  3. Promote constant hand washing. This will help minimize contagion.
  4. Hold the celebration in an open area. The risk of transmission in an open area is lower. In case it has to be done in an enclosed place, it is advisable to open all the windows so that the air circulates.
  5. Request that family members who have traveled get tested for COVID-19 to rule out possible contagion.
  6. Maintain social distancing between people who are not part of the immediate family.
  7. The volume of the music should be moderate so that it doesn’t induce yelling. When a person yells or sings, they expel more drops of saliva than when they speak.
  8. Avoid using celebratory objects that need to be blown.
  9. Wear a mask in enclosed spaces.
  10. Serve the food in individual plates. Don’t place the food in the center of the table to avoid crowding.
  11. Don’t share cellphones or other objects.
  12. Have supplementary policies that provide you with the support you need in case of any contagion.

This Christmas, protect yourself against everything

In addition to these recommendations to spend time with your loved ones and stay safe, we must go beyond to protect ourselves. It is ideal to have financial support in case of any COVID-19 infection since hospitalizations due to illness are very expensive. On top of what your insurance plan may cover, you will likely have significant expenses on deductibles, medications, and other expenses that may be out of your budget.

Count on our Accident and Illness policy!

In these times of uncertainty due to COVID-19 and its variants, it is reassuring to know that you can count on the guarantee that you will not have to face the costs of hospitalization alone in case of contagion.

At TOLIC, we want you to be well. Therefore, we offer you an Accident and Illness policy that helps you face unforeseen expenses, paying the benefits directly to you. This policy’s hospitalization benefit covers COVID-19 and other illnesses. You only need to be hospitalized as an internal patient, in a regular room, due to a covered accident or illness. This benefit pays you for hospitalization from the first day of hospitalization and until you are discharged.

This policy was created to give you the peace of mind you need in life’s unforeseen events. Your children’s school expenses, mortgage or rent, cellphone payment, water, electricity, and food, among others, are expenses that do not stop because you are sick. With this policy, you will have financial support for all your expenses.

Just as you take preventive measures to protect yourself and stay healthy, you must also plan financially so that you can face a possible contagion from yourself or a family member. So, get ready, protect yourself, and celebrate!

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