Protect yourself with a hospitalization due to illness coverage

Paying your medical bill after a hospitalization has never been so pleasant

Regardless of what health insurance plan you have, hospitalizations due to illness are costly. In addition to your plan’s coverage, you may have unforeseen expenses that are out of your budget.

Supplementary insurance with hospitalization due to illness benefits are there to support you in these situations. These insurances cover expenses not covered by your health insurance plan. Plus, it pays the benefits directly to you.

You can use this money at your discretion, like for surgeries, household expenses, among others. It is a very important income recovery that can help you meet your bills when you can’t work due to an illness.

Supplementary plan as a preventive strategy

Supplementary policies provide invaluable support to anyone facing hospitalization and/or unforeseen expense, whether they have the money to pay for it or not.

With a policy, you get financial support when you need it the most. For an affordable payment, you make sure that a hospital visit doesn’t drain your savings.

Financial protection against COVID-19

In these uncertain times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, having the guarantee of not having to face the costs alone in case of contagion is very valuable. Surviving patients of this virus have been seen with medical bills reaching $30,000.

The good news is that this policy covers COVID-19 as well as any other illness.

The only requirement is to be hospitalized, as an inpatient, for this condition. You’re already protecting yourself with all the preventive measures you’re taking, like practicing social distancing! Now, you must also plan financially to be able to face a possible contagion for you or a family member.

Unique benefits provided by TOLIC’s policies

1. Hospitalization

Without limit in the number of days, from $50 up to $250 for hospitalization due to an illness.

2. Home convalescence

We pay for home convalescence for the same number of days you were hospitalized.

3. Protection for children

Parents can add their children to the same benefits plan that they’ve got, thus achieving maximum family protection.

4. Pregnancies

This hospitalization due to illness policy covers pregnancy complications. Pregnancy is certainly not an illness. However, we support you if health complications occur along the way. For us, it’s very important to support pregnant women and offer them the peace of mind they need to take care of themselves and their baby. In addition, when they give birth, we cover the same period that the employer approves for maternity leave.

5. Private nurse

We also cover private nurse services at home, so long as it’s a need certified by a doctor.

6. Injury complications

The policy may cover a hospitalization due to injury if it occurred 90 days ago and still has not improved. It’s understood that the accident could cause some condition.

7. AIDS patients

We cover up to 6 months of hospitalization due to AIDS.

Combine your policies for greater security

At TOLIC, we are committed to your well-being. Therefore, we offer you a variety of policies that help you face unforeseen expenses, paying the benefits directly to you. They will also help you defend yourself financially from the high deductibles of health insurance plans. In addition, you can customize them even more by combining them with other additional coverages available.

Policies with great purpose

Our policies were created with you in mind. Their benefits will give you the peace of mind of having the financial support for all unforeseen expenses that arise from an illness or accident.

For more information about us and our variety of insurance products, visit our website or email us to contact one of our representatives ( And find out why, at TOLIC, we are Going Beyond Insurance.


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