Self-assessment: How close am I to being financially stable?

Learn 10 signs that you’re prepared for the future and can receive it with peace of mind

Financial stability and security: the dream of many. You may feel you have a long way to go to reach this state, maybe you’re already very close, or you have already arrived and haven’t realized it.

We share 10 signs that you have achieved financial stability and are ready for the future, or that you’re well on your way there.

1. You never drain your checking account

Even if you have implemented limits on your bank account, you don’t reach them either. A cheque never bounces when paying. You know your limits and don’t overdraw your account. You have achieved this because you’re at a point in which you have more money left over than you need monthly. And this gives you pride and peace of mind.

2. You can sleep peacefully

Many people fail to fall asleep because of monetary concerns. You sleep peacefully and uninterruptedly and, if you awaken for any reason, it is not due to money.

3. Your credit cards are for convenience and rewards, not necessity.

You have 2 to 4 credit cards and use them all daily, but you pay them in full monthly. This gives you great benefits in rewards programs, like airline miles point programs and cash back. You never use them to buy what you can’t afford at the moment or to extend payment dates.

4. Losing your job wouldn’t be a tragedy

You’re certain that, if you were fired, you would be prepared to face it. . You don’t live with the anxiety or worry that you need that job to live, or pay your monthly expenses and responsibilities.

You have savings accounts and emergency funds. In short, you have earned this freedom for your excellent financial planning. You can go months without getting a cheque!

5. Your payments are always on time or in advance

When making payments, you always have the necessary money. Plus, you like being one step ahead. You pay your bills on time to avoid late fees or drops in your credit score.

You pay off your debts on time, as you have the money for it. You don’t owe more than your monthly earnings. You have clear and settled accounts.

6. They ask you for personal finance advice

People notice your organization and good planning. They want to learn from you and follow your methods. Everyone around you perceives your financial stability. You’re a positive influence on others and bring them your knowledge.

7. You finance your vehicles in five years or less

You give a higher down payment than required and reduce the loan term to 5 years. You prefer to pay off this debt sooner than later and not carry it for years. Once paid off, you enjoy not having to pay for a car.

8. 8. You can contribute a good percentage of your income to your retirement

Most people contribute the minimum. You recognize the importance of investing aggressively in your retirement and what this will mean for your lifestyle once you retire. You make the maximum contribution to your retirement plan or give a high percentage of your income.

9. You save

You don’t spend money just to spend it. You buy things you really need. You have savings accounts and are very disciplined with them.

10. You feel happy in the present and confident about your future

You feel in control of your finances and never overrun by them. You’re excited thinking about your future because you have planned it very well.

At TOLIC, we give you more for your IRA. We offer you several retirementplans:

· Fixed IRA: Your investment grows with a guaranteed interest.

· Indexed IRA: Potential to increase profit based on index growth and with market downturn protection.

· Fixed Annuity: For more return on your money.

· Indexed Annuity: For further growth of your retirement savings.

Also, by transferring your current retirement plans to TOLIC, you’ll see your money grow faster, with guaranteed interest and protected principal.

For more information, visit our website or email us to contact one of our representatives (


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