The surprising reason why we develop bad eating habits (and how to overcome them)

Did you know we make 90 % of decisions unconsciously?

We’re on autopilot all day, making basic decisions. This brain function helps us save energy. Breakfast, the way to work, snacks, bathroom breaks, are activities that involve little thought.

Being habitual can cause problems if your routine is unhealthy. Bad eating habits are an example. It’s been proven that long-term a poor diet can have adverse consequences for your health and wellbeing.

Prepare to fight your habits

When you see yourself in the mirror, do you think you should change your eating habits? Do you think whether you tire climbing stairs? Being overweight, physical discomfort, or low energy are symptoms indicating you need to change something. In these moments, you must consciously choose to change your routine. Ready to transform you lifestyle?

How are habits made?

All our habits are associated with a place or situation. Many of us acquired them during childhood. Maybe today at your parents’ house you eat food that you don’t eat outside of it, just because it brings you happy memories; or you drink alcohol on Fridays to “release” the week’s stress.

Do you go to burger joints or pizzerias when you don’t want to cook? Do you only eat popcorn at the movies and chocolates when you’re sad? At work lunches, do you adjust to what everyone eats? Do you think it’s mandatory to try the cake on birthdays?

Just as easily, we accumulate unfounded habits, associating them with people, environments and dates, and gradually, we stop controlling our decisions about food, our weight and how we can feel better.

Change the environment, change the habit!

Reflect on your eating habits. How and when they started, what you eat, and what foods you should replace. Be aware of what you didn’t supervise before!

Replace every unhealthy habit with a healthier one

Replace a detail, place, time, amount or taste. Start changing small factors. This practice makes us eat more and even repeat. By modifying this environment, you’ll notice some positively unexpected changes when eating.

Reinforce new habits acquired

Each new habit is a door to a healthier one. It’s a marathon; the goal will be achieved in the long term. Remember: eating candy or snacks isn’t necessarily bad (as long as you don’t have any conditions that prevent it). A bad daily habit and overeating are the problem.

Each small change is a great achievement

To avoid being on automatic, you must introduce a small change. This should require little effort to fulfill. For example:

· Change the brand of your snacks for a healthier one: Look for a better alternative. It’s an excellent start!

· Eat cravings with your non-dominant hand to be self-aware of how often you do it: It’s a good way to not be on automatic.

· Reduce the amount of sugar you add to your coffee until you get used to the taste: When you drink it without sugar, even almonds will seem sweet! How can you achieve this? Every day, pour less sugar into the spoon. Naturally, your palate will get used as the days go on.

· Replace sauces: Change salad dressing for vinaigrettes.

Your goal is now and in the future

Every day, you can make a positive decision about your diet. It’s about creating a domino effect. Start with a healthy habit and gradually you’ll adopt many more. Don’t set overly aggressive goals. How do you climb to the mountain top? Step by step. So, enjoy the process.

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