3 Essential Measures to Protect your Family from COVID-19

Learn about the measure that few speak of: financial protection against possible hospitalization.

Recommendations to take preventive measures against COVID-19 remain strong. Therefore, we would like to review with you some key measures to increase the protection of everyone in your home. In addition, we discuss how our Accident and Illness policy supports you in case of contagion and hospitalization.

What measures are essential in your home at this time of the pandemic?

1. Don’t let your guard down with social distancing

It has been shown that social distancing remains the number one preventive measure against COVID-19. It is normal that, at this point, already exceeding the 150 days of quarantine, we begin to resume our routines and customs in a certain way. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues emphasizing the importance of keeping distance. It is important to always explain to children the need to do this and congratulate them at all times on their efforts to comply with the given recommendations.

2. Use preventive equipment during outings and work hours

It is imperative that family members who frequently leave the house wear their mask or cloth covering to cover their nose and mouth at all times. Remember that COVID-19 can be transmitted through asymptomatic people, which means that a person can be infected, not know it and transmit the virus. For this reason, it is crucial that we all cover ourselves with a mask or cloth covering to prevent the virus from spreading. Encourage those around you to wear their masks or preventive equipment at all times. The protection we receive when we are away from home is what helps minimize the risk of infecting our loved ones at home.

Learn more about how you can return to work and daily routine when the quarantine ends.

3. Safeguard household finances with insurance that covers hospitalization due to illness

A hospitalization due to illness coverage is a very valuable tool when facing a contagion that requires hospitalization. This coverage pays directly to the insured, so that they can cover unforeseen expenses.

The hospitalization benefit of TOLIC’s Accident and Illness policy can cover up to $250 and the intensive care benefit covers up to $1,500, depending on the plan you select. Also, the income for recovery after a hospitalization benefit covers up to $250, depending on the plan you select. With this policy and the support of TOLIC, you can have more peace of mind in these times of great uncertainty.

Are you self-employed?

We recognize that every day you work hard and that an illness would mean stopping for a while. No matter how short this period may be, it will somehow impact you household finances. And in case of a prolonged hospitalization, the impact is even greater, because in addition to not generating income, you must pay for the hospital stay and the necessary treatments.

Our Accident and Illness policy pays the benefits directly to you. With this coverage, you receive the peace of mind that, in case of contracting COVID-19 or any other illness, you and your family are protected. With good planning and proper use of the resources at your disposal, you will be able to face any eventuality.

This virus, we stop it together! Continue informing yourself at all times about the latest news and always remember to do so through reliable sources. Every day, we learn a little more about the virus and how we can protect ourselves.

At TOLIC, we are with you and provide you with the support you need to face COVID-19 and more in peace. We also offer you a variety of insurance products, which adjust to your needs.

For more information, visit our website or email us to contact one of our representatives ( And find out why, at TOLIC, we are Going Beyond Insurance.


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